The Most Expensive Picture

Upload your photo­graph for just one dollar more than the per­son before you. Buy into «TMEP». The amount paid per photo rises with the number of uploads. The first partic­ipant pays one dollar; each subsequent us­er af­ter that can claim the ti­tle of having the «The Most Expensive Pic­ture» and enjoy having his/her pic­ture posted in large-scale on on our site. Once uploaded, the pic­ture will be blocked for at least one hour.  As soon as you’ve been out­bid, your pic­ture will be automat­ically trans­ferred to the «Archive» where you have the ability to nav­igate through all the pre­vi­ously uploaded pic­tures.  The pic­tures from the first 300 uploads will become part of a published cat­a­logue. All mon­ey col­lected by that point, will go into the production of this vol­ume. A new project with the goal of attracting public at­tention will be estab­lished for ev­ery fur­ther 300 uploads.

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